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Please call the closest individual immediately if you see a swarm, as they will only stay in place for a few hours.

A swarm is a cluster of honeybees surrounding a queen. The swarm is rarely aggressive. They are only trying to protect their queen until they can find a new place to call home.

The following people have volunteered to collect swarms of honeybees. Please be prepared to tell them where the swarm is so they can determine if they have the proper equipment.


 NAME                                                      PHONE NUMBER            SERVICE AREA                                                                                    
 Sherry Hession or David Sheppard       (509) 464-0490          Nine Mile Falls, Suncrest, Reardon, Davenport
 David & Vickie McMillan  (509) 299-5485   Spokane, Cheney, Medical Lake
 Jack & Ellen Miller  (509) 954-3669
 (509) 939-3752  
 Spokane, Airway Heights, Cheney, Edwall, Medical Lake, Reardon, Tyler
 Kevin Oldenburg  (509) 389-2235  Medical Lake, Cheney, Tyler, Airway Heights, South Hill, South & West Spokane
 Don Pulliam  (509) 326-6897  Spokane
 Devin Sontag  (509) 991-8028  South Hill, Vinegar Flats
 Lanette Virgin  (509) 725-3214  Davenport, Lincoln County Area
 Dave & Pam Zack  (509) 990-4648  Spokane Valley