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The following individuals have property on which they would like hives located. If you have a hive(s) and are interested in any of these locations, you may contact the person directly. The West Plains Beekeepers Association does not accept any responsibility for any arrangements that are made.

Match Makers is intended as a notification service for people who have hives and want to locate them on a new site, or for people who have property and would like someone to move hives to their site. The West Plains Beekeepers Association does not accept any responsibility for any arrangements that are made.


The following individuals would like to have hives on their property.  Please contact them directly. 

Mike & Shannon Morehouse (425) 308-7817  We are in Spokane Valley, double city lot on a dead end road next to a 10 acre community garden that specializes in wildflowers.  They do not use pesticides and would also love to have bees nearby.  Water available.  Would love to host in exchange for some honey. (2023)

Lisa Davis (509) 389-7700 ): We have 47 acres of barley, alfalfa and many volunteer flowers that may be beneficial to the farmer and the bee keeper.  We are located just outside Medical Lake. (2022)

Paul Stevens (509) 991-2756; Fended backyard located in Cheney, secure and neighbors would enjoy the pollination a hive provides. Can be left all year long. (2022)

Susan Tergeson (206) 755-8665; located in Spokane, South Hill in the Lincoln Heights area.  Would like to house a couple of hives in my backyard (2022) Kelli Lawler (760) 821-5582; I have 100 acres in Republic, off of Hwy 21, fruit trees, alfalfa and pasture land, I have a river running thru property as well as a creek, would like to have hives on property near forest entrance, hives will be secluded and protected. (2022)

Jim Hopkins (509) 690-3629; located 15 miles outside of Kettle Falls with access to approximately 1000 acres of bee forage including alfalfa fields, water available. (2021)

Barb and Vern Brock (509) 263-7593; 30 acres between Cheney and Spokane with a huge organic garden, lots of lavender, flowering bushes, roses, water sources, several acres of wetland and cliffs, and tons of wildflowers. Would love to host your bees and give them a nice home. (2021)

Gayle Hennings(509) 220-7551 cell; gaylehennings@aol.com Acres near Medical Lake (2020)

Valerie Fawcett (509) 869-8088  11 acres in the Moran Prairie area with fruit trees, lavender, berries, etc. (2020)

Sunny Luck(509) 589-0350 max_luck@hotmail.comIn south Pend Oreille County,  about  3 miles from Diamond Lake. 160 acres of field and forest land with no chemicals used.  Would love to host hives for someone who knows what they're doing (2020)

Ronald VanAusdal (509) 290-1540; 9.5 acres between Tyler and Cheney. We will be planting an orchard and would like to allow a hive in exchange for honey.(2020)

Alice Burrows aaburrows@hotmail.com; 10 acres in south west spokane (2 miles off 195) (2020)

Peachy Keen Farm (509) 280-0321;  organic orchard with fresh water.  Want pollination (2020) 

 Curtis & Julie Templin (509) 991-3954; 40 acre farm on the edge of Ritzville; 20 acres alfalfa not cut until bloom; do not use pesticides and land is managed as organic.  Neighbors have 100 acres of alfalfa and fields with sunflowers, potatoes, field peas. (2021)


The following individuals have hives and are interested in locating them to another location. If you have a location that you would like to have hives, contact the person directly.