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Welcome to the West Plains Beekeepers Association!

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  • To educate members and the general public concerning healthy beekeeping practices.
  • To train beekeepers in practical, successful and responsible practices of raising healthy honey bee colonies and harvesting honey through formal classes, public presentation, and general sharing of ideas and experiences.
  • To increase public awareness of the importance of honey bees to our environment, ecology and food production.
  • To collaborate as appropriate with other organizations with similar goals, in the collection and sharing of data and experiences.
  • To assist in obtaining Washington State bee certification and/or register beekeeping activities.

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Hands On Class Dates


 Class Dates

Hands-On demonstration at the Apiary June 4th (Sunday)  2:30pm
On Sunday, 6/4/23, @ 2:30pm, we will meet in the apiary and demonstrate how to do a mite count. 
Here's the info:
WHAT: Apiary Show 'n' Tell
WHEN:  Sunday, 6/4/23 @ 2:30pm
WHERE:  WPBA Apiary, 1022 W San Salvador, Medical Lake
WHAT TO BRING:  Beekeeping clothing, beekeeping tool, water bottle (if it's hot, you'll want it), any questions you may have.
 Park on one side of the driveway only to allow residents access



Membership Benefits:

  • 5% off purchases at Miller's Homestead with current membership card
  • Discount available on selected items at BeeManiacs in-store only with current membership card
  • Free enrollment for special classes
  • Eligible for Swarmcatchers List
  • Contact us for more information!


The West Plains Beekepeers Association is a 501C3 corporation and donations are tax deductable.  Funds are used to support our educational outreach activities as well as honeybee research and are a way for anyone, beekeeper or not,  to help honeybees and pollinators in an increasingly difficult environment.


With Membership to the WPBA you receive the benefits to the left. Dues are $20 per year per family and are payable in January of each year. Please use the PayPal button below:

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West Plains Beekeepers Association is a 501C3 Corporation made up primarily of hobbyist beekeepers.

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