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Journeyman Class

Class Dates


 Journeyman Class

The Journeyman Course offered by the West Plains Beekeepers is intended for the serious beekeeper who wants to advance their own beekeeping knowledge and/or who is considering becoming a sideliner or commercial beekeeper.  The course will be offered on six Monday and Thursday evenings in June from 6 – 8 pm at the Medical Lake Pizza Factory, 123 S. Broad St.  See the schedule below.

Pre-requisites for the course are:

  • Be a current member of the Washington State Beekeepers Association (WASBA),
  • Be a current member of a local beekeeping group,
  • Has passed the WASBA Apprentice course,
  • Has kept colonies for at least 3 years after having taken the Apprentice course. (Exceptions can be made. Contact">

Besides successfully completing the Journeyman course, achieving Washington State Beekeepers Association Journeyman level certification requires that the student:  (These requirements will be discussed at the first-class session.)

  • Keep a bee journal for at least 2 years,
  • Earn at least 35 Public Service Points,
  • Mentor a new beekeeper,
  • Pass the Journeyman Field Test Report.

The course includes a 187-page manual with color photographs, discussions of each chapter led by experienced beekeepers from the area and supplemented with PowerPoint slides and other media as appropriate.  The student is expected to study the manual between classes and review suggested additional resources to prepare for class discussions.  Optional homework assignments are also available.  There will be a test at the end of the course.  The topics to be covered include:

  1. Honey Bee Biology
  2. Recognizing Diseases and Pests
  3. Prevention and Treatment of Diseases and Pests
  4. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter Management Practices
  5. Selling Honey Bees, Products and Services
  6. Different Types of Hives
  7. Queen Rearing Processes
  8. Disappearance of Honey Bees From the Hive
  9. Relationship Between Honey Bees and Plants
  10. Laws and Regulations

The course costs $100.00.  Register below using PayPal

The classes will be in-person on the following dates from 6-8 pm:

June 3 (Monday)

June 6 (Thursday)

June 10 (Monday)

June 13 (Thursday)

June 17 (Monday)

June 24 (Monday)

Journeyman Course

 Cost:  $100.00

Beekeeping Classes



There are no beginning classes scheduled at this time.  If you want to be notified when we schedule an upcoming class please send us a message and we will add you to our notification list:




Hands On Class Dates


 Class Dates

Hands On in the Apiary:  Saturday 4/13/24, 11:00am
Package Day has arrived. We will demonstrate how to install packages at the apiary. This will give you enough time to retrieve your packages and install them at your apiary.
WHAT:  Bee Package Installation
WHEN:  Saturday, 4/13/24 at 11am
WHERE:  WPBA Apiary, 1022 W San Salvador, Medical Lake
WHAT TO BRING:  Clothing to work with bees (jacket, hood, gloves)
Please note that you will be working with bees. There is the possibility that you will be stung. If you believe that you may have issues but still wish to come, we highly recommend that you bring an EpiPen or its equivalent.
Before you come, you will want to set up your apiary. Things to remember when doing so -
  • Location, location, location
  • Does the entrance face south or east? 
  • Is it somewhere where it won't be impacted by moisture? 
  • Is there access to water?
  • Is there space behind the hives for you to work?
  • Is/are the hive(s) easily accessible to you, the beekeepers?
  • Is/are the hive(s) off the ground?
  • Do you have the equipment you need?
Remember, we are here to help you, so please reach out to WPBA if you have questions!