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WestPlainsBeekeepersAssociation PhoneNumberContactCallMarker  Phone:  801-923-3797

WestPlainsBeekeepersAssociation PhoneNumberContactCallMarkerMail:  PO Box 134, Medical Lake, WA 99022

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1/18/19 - Bob Arnold:  European Foulbrood in Eastern Washinton
2/15 - Kay Heinrich:  Washington State Prison Sustainability Project - Beekeeping
3/15 - Shari Thompson:  They're Wasps, Not Bees
4/19 - Margo Buckles and Mary Brodahl, Bees' Eyes: What Do They See?
5/17 - "Effects of Nutrition on Honey Bee Gut Microbiome, Disease Occurrence, and Hive Growth" - Results from Summer 2018, by Shelby Fettig
6/21 - June:  Do You Have a Question About Your Bees?  Bring hem in. (Open forum)
7/19 - Bill Watts - Mite Abatement (will be held at the apiary)
8/16 - Picnic at the home of Margo Buckles and Kevin Oldenburg
9/20 - Preparing for winter
10/18 - Kay Heinrich, Airway Heights Correction Center's Beekeeping Program for Inmates


Officers Through June 2020:

Marie EllisPresident

Mary Brodahl, Co-Vice President

Shari Townsend, Co-Vice President

Molly Sutor, Secretary

Kevin RyanTreasurer
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