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Hands On Class Dates


 Class Dates

Hands On in the Apiary:  Saturday 4/13/24, 11:00am
Package Day has arrived. We will demonstrate how to install packages at the apiary. This will give you enough time to retrieve your packages and install them at your apiary.
WHAT:  Bee Package Installation
WHEN:  Saturday, 4/13/24 at 11am
WHERE:  WPBA Apiary, 1022 W San Salvador, Medical Lake
WHAT TO BRING:  Clothing to work with bees (jacket, hood, gloves)
Please note that you will be working with bees. There is the possibility that you will be stung. If you believe that you may have issues but still wish to come, we highly recommend that you bring an EpiPen or its equivalent.
Before you come, you will want to set up your apiary. Things to remember when doing so -
  • Location, location, location
  • Does the entrance face south or east? 
  • Is it somewhere where it won't be impacted by moisture? 
  • Is there access to water?
  • Is there space behind the hives for you to work?
  • Is/are the hive(s) easily accessible to you, the beekeepers?
  • Is/are the hive(s) off the ground?
  • Do you have the equipment you need?
Remember, we are here to help you, so please reach out to WPBA if you have questions!



Hands On Training

Hands On Training Spring 2016


The West Plains Beekeepers Association has just established the facilities to be able to offer a series of "hands on" for beginning beekeepers who have taken our classes on beginning beekeeping this past Fall or this Spring.  

We are planning the first session for April 16 at 11 a.m. at the Jensen Youth Ranch.  The time may be later if the bees don't arrive at Miller's Homestead exactly when scheduled. Through a partnership with Medical Lake High School and the Jensen Youth Ranch we will have six hives available to demonstrate the installation of a package of bees into a hive.  Experienced beekeepers will be there to do the actual installation and to talk about why they are doing what they are doing.
We have scheduled a second session on May 21 to look at how the hive is doing, what we see, and what it means.
If you are attending, please bring your protective gear - whatever you are planning on using when you take care of your own bees.  We want you to be comfortable and to be close enough to see without being too concerned about being stung.  A cautious approach at the beginning helps to build confidence as you continue to experience working with your own bees.
The directions to the apiary location at the Jensen Youth Ranch are:
From Medical Lake, take Brooks Road  north to McFarland Road. Go west on McFarland, cross Deep Creek and the apiary is in a field on the left.

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