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                                                                          This may not be a complete list of suppliers in our area

  • BeeManiacs - Local supplier of bees and beekeeping equipment  - not selling bees in 2023
  • East Farms Feed Feed store also supplying packages and Nuc's and beekeeping equipment
  • Half Moon Bees - Local supplier of NUC's and packages
  • Mark T. Durst and Sons - Local supplier of honey and candles
  • Miller's Homestead - Local resource of bees, beekeeping equipment and  honey
  • North 40 - Farm supply store with bees and beekeeping equipment
  • Outdoor Bee Company - Local supplier of NUC's and local honey
  • Tate's Honey Farm - Local supplier of bees and beekeeping equipment
  • Wolf Fork Apiary - Located in Dayton, Washington. Package bees, pick up only.  For more information This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.