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Welcome to the West Plains Beekeepers Association!

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  • To educate members and the general public concerning healthy beekeeping practices.
  • To train beekeepers in practical, successful and responsible practices of raising healthy honey bee colonies and harvesting honey through formal classes, public presentation, and general sharing of ideas and experiences.
  • To increase public awareness of the importance of honey bees to our environment, ecology and food production.
  • To collaborate as appropriate with other organizations with similar goals, in the collection and sharing of data and experiences.
  • To assist in obtaining Washington State bee certification and/or register beekeeping activities.

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Membership Benefits:

  • 5% off purchases at Miller's Homestead with proof of current membership 
  • Discount available on selected items at BeeManiacs in-store only with proof of current membership
  • Free enrollment for special classes
  • Eligible for Swarmcatchers List
  • Contact us for more information!


The West Plains Beekepeers Association is a 501C3 corporation and donations are tax deductable.  Funds are used to support our educational outreach activities as well as honeybee research and are a way for anyone, beekeeper or not,  to help honeybees and pollinators in an increasingly difficult environment.


With Membership to the WPBA you receive the benefits to the left. Dues are $25 per year per family and are payable in January of each year. Please use the PayPal button below:

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West Plains Beekeepers Association is a 501C3 Corporation made up primarily of hobbyist beekeepers.

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